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Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Mission to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly

Less Waste

With new efforts to produce less garbage at our events, we will have fewer aid stations (don't worry we will have just enough to make you a happy runner!) Fewer products wrapped in paper and plastic. Tin cups for water! We will not be providing water in water bottles this year. We will have liquids for you to fill your cups up with!

Less Uneaten Food

Our mission is to not be excessive. To have the right amount of post-race snacks that will make you happy, but not so much that we are wasting food.

Sustainable Shirts

We all know the impact carbon has on our environment. Our t-shirts are made with a unique blend of fibers that help reduce the carbon footprint of our shirts...and yours. 

Water should be for fish, drinking, and crops. Our tees are crafted with less water than conventional tees throughout the production process, so there’s more H2O left for living things. Don’t leave the planet thirsty.


It is our mission to compost & and recycle. We will have a compost bin for all compostable items. We will have a recycling bin for all cyclable items. We will be putting a large effort forth to only have compostable and recyclable materials at the race. 

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